As State Legislators, we have a solemn obligation to defend the rights of the people and protect the sovereign authority of our states, but the powers in Washington D.C. have made that almost impossible. Decades of out of control spending and a slow erosion of the balance of power between the states and the Federal government have all but destroyed the constitutional federalism that our founding fathers established.

The drafters of our Constitution knew this could happen and so they gave us the tools to keep the genius of Federalism functioning, but we have to use those tools.

The stronger we are, the sooner we can take the credit cards away from Washington and put our nation back on track.

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This month…
This month’s edition of the Caucus newsletter focuses on national debt, deficits and the unused powers in Article V.  Three of the 7 currently-active Article V movements are aimed at installing federal fiscal restraints… or fiscal rules… into the US Constitution via a state-driven amendment.   Meanwhile, influential groups continue in their foolhardy belief that Congress will impose such restraints on itself.

  • National Debt is Now Over $21 Trillion
  • Federal Interest Costs Said to be on track to Quadruple
  • April 4: Important ‘Swiss Debt Brake’ Panel Discussion
  • Congressman calls Associates ‘Debt Junkies’
  • Feds Get ‘Poor’ Rating at New Debt Default Clock Site
  • NY Professor Calls for a Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Fed Committee to Recommend Federal Budgeting Reforms
  • Current Progress is Slim for Article V Movements
  • Article V Champion Hal Wick Succumbs to Cancer
  • Indiana Senate President Long Voluntarily Steps Down
  • Resources for Understanding Article V

This month…

  • Two New Article V-related Videos Have Been Released
  • Idaho Says ‘No’ to CoSP, Opponents Gloat
  • Guldenschuh Article V Progress Report Now Ready
  • Washington Post Article Highlights Expected Debt Growth
  • WSJ Op-Ed by Glenn Hubbard Calls for an ‘Honest Budget’
  • College Prof Says ‘Republicans Have Learned to Love Debt’
  • Article V Expert Corrects Hillary Clinton’s Misconceptions
  • Federalism-related Developments
  • Where the Constitution’s Word “Convention” Came From
  • Two Smaller Article V Movements are Getting Traction

  • This Newsletter Includes a Comprehensive Review of Article V Efforts One Month into 2018 Legislative Sessions


  • New Book Debunks ‘We Don’t Know How Conventions Work’ Claim
  • Numerous Writers Express Support for a Constitutional BBA
  • Candidates for Federal Offices Promise Support for a BBA
  • First Guldenschuh Article V Progress Report of 2018

  • Cuccinelli Gave a Powerful Speech at ALEC Conference
  • Bipartisan Report Authors Underscore Need for Debt Control
  • Heritage Foundation Gets a New President
  • Iowa State Rep Calls for a Convention of States
  • Coburn:  No One is Working on National Debt Reduction
  • New Amendment-Seeking Group Takes Aim at Citizens United
  • Writer Says Tea Party Must Now Focus on Spending Restraint
  • Should Article V Itself be Amended?
  • NewsMax Finally Publishes Brief Acknowledgement of Article V
  • Writer’s Wish: ‘Stop Bankrupting My Children’s Future’
  • US Term Limits Proposal Gains Support Going Into 2018

This month…

  • Wisc. Approves 28th BBA-focused Article V Application
  • Press Coverage of Wisc.’s Action: Wide and Varied
  • BBA Endorsed by California Gov. Jerry Brown
  • Guldenschuh Year-End Report Tracks Article V Progress
  • Article V: ‘Necessary’ to Fix America’s Problems
  • More New Article V-related Papers & Articles of Note
  • NY Rejects Convention to Amend State Constitution
  • Article V Advocate Mark Levin to Host Show on Fox News

This month…

  • One Man’s Efforts Led to the 27th Amendment
  • Phoenix Correspondence Commission Is Being Organized
  • The Federal Debt Has Increased for 60 Straight Years
  • US House Clerk’s Article V Listings Still Incomplete
  • ALEC ‘States & Nation Policy Summit’ Set for Dec. 6-8
  • CoSP Reports it Now Has 3 Million Supporters
  • A Winning Strategy for State Legislative Candidates
  • Will New York State Hold a Constitutional Convention?
  • Rob Natelson Releases New Article V-related Policy Brief
  • New Book: Fiscal Rules to Limit Federal Deficit Spending
  • Congressional Term Limits are On Their Minds
  • Act 2 Refined… Another Proposal for Using Article V

This month…

  • Phoenix Convention Was an Enormous Success      
  • The Phoenix Convention Drew Considerable Media Coverage
  • Phoenix Correspondence Commission Created
  • The Economist Publishes Major Piece on Article V
  • A Debt Ceiling With No Limit?
  • Hillary Clinton Apparently Doesn’t Understand Article V
  • Congressional Dysfunction Spurs Interest in Term Limits

This month…

  • Phoenix Readies for Historic Convention
  • Democrat Leader is New US Term Limits Utah State Director
  • CfA Wins Over Constitutional Scholar Trent England
  • The CoS Project Is Producing Lots of Press Coverage
  • Another Article V Proposal Emerges
  • New ‘Calexiters’ Group Seeks to Use Article V
  • NY Voters to Consider Amending Their State Constitution
  • Additional BBA-Related News

This month…

  • An Update on the Phoenix Convention of States
  • ALEC’s Denver Convention Draws a Large Attendance
  • News Flash: ‘Our Federal Government is Completely Broken’
  • BBA Proponents Testify Before Congressional Committee
  • Idaho Legislator Supports BBA, Will Self-Term Limit
  • CoSP was Active During July
  • More Article V-related News